• David Chandler

Will Our Bees Survive?

Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), the veroa mite, man-made pesticides (it took years to just get one pesticide, the toxic Neonicotinoids banned, although proven to kill bees), are just a few things our bees have been up against recenty.

In some countries honey has been found to contain Round-Up Ready (RUR)*. Industrial farming, top soil depletion and pollution has left the bee populations 80% down in some parts of the world. This year on the mountain range where we live,the pollen and honey collection is down.

However, they still diligently do their work as they are designed to... What wonderful creatures they are!

But wait...

Man is now setting about creating the biggest threat, not only to bees but all species who use magnetic navigation. And indeed those who don’t...

https://physicsworld.com/a/honey-bees-navigate-using-magnetic-abdomens /.

As I write, I have a view of the imposing mountain range where high up the hives are housed, that bring you honey and pollen.

Not just here but all over the world, while we are (shall I say) occupied, by ‘other current distractions’. Masts are being erected and sub masts and eventually transmitters in the road outside. All to be connected to 1000’s of low orbit satellites that are being launched at the moment.

At night you can see these satellites in a chain in the sky...


This when connected will create mm width EMFS microwaves. Blanketing the world in radiation. But at least we will be able to live stream a football game while climbing the Alps!

Or is it required to access real time facial recognition surveillance I wonder?

Seems I am not allowed to speculate...

The mainstream media has a blanket ban on any negative comments. That is why you do not see anything other than the belittling press reports when negative effects are discussed (see who is auctioning the contracts).

You Tube, Facebook and Twitter all have begun removing any negative posts regarding it. I am even avoiding the word for this post may not reach you... as Google algorithms are set to remove negative comment about it.

It's strange, no? We live in a free society, with free debates? It seems only if we don’t question some things..

So, with not one safety test, not one health test, everything alive on the planet will be the new test.

PLEASE at least view the 2 minute clip within the summit link here.

You will see the very board in the hearing regarding the roll out in the US - they are asking these questions. BUT with not one answer coming back... ‘So we are kinda flying blind on this’ says the chairman!

Yet even before this meeting 230 scientists wrote to WHO and the UN. They stated that more testing was needed before any roll out.

It seems there is biological impact with the new generation technology. Indeed, much is already proven regarding non-native radiation having an impact on the cell.

Do we have the right as a species to subject the rest of our planets residents to our untested folly?

Please view some of the summit, starting on the 1st June. https://the5gsummit.com/?idev_id=571

Then find out what you can do on a local and national level to pause the roll out, so we can be sure of the effects on us, our children and the rest of the species. Add your name to this and any other petitions, seek out further information on the internet.


Petition in your area-


Also, maybe we should look at where we source our news stories from just for some balance and questioning.




Please let’s have a voice or decisions will be made for us.


*Round-Up Ready - Weed killer.

*Elector magnetic frequencies.




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