• David Chandler

Open your doors

Updated: Feb 12, 2019

Before you even start your own successful journey to beating arthritis (which we all are capable of).

It would be good practice to take a step back and ask yourself;

‘Am I open to everything?’

This is the key to the door. And by questioning yourself. ‘Am I open to this?’ You have already removed a hurdle in the way of your own recovery.

If you can fully enter something that is potentially life changing without any preconceptions and judgements then your chances of success are greatly improved.

Even better if you can suggest to yourself beforehand that this is going to work for me and I will embrace it.

For this example just look at a child. My son is 8 years of age. And whether it is building a den colouring a picture or trying out a new book he meets it wholeheartedly. It’s only later in life do they chose not to give 100%, probably from our adult influences.

So, open your mind and heart and enter with renewed vigour leave your doubts with your shoes by the door. Along with it any preconceptions regarding your health and what is or isn’t possible.

I’ll show you the door but you have to decide to take those shoes off and walk in.

‘If you think something won’t work, or will work your probably right.’ – Henry Ford.



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