Having spend my years free of all illness it wasn't until I was 40 that I experienced health challenges and like many I took a allopathic view point. Since then I’ve traveled through major chronic illness to a full vibrant healthy life.

I’m passionate to share my journey and experiences with you.. After becoming debilitated with chronic joint pain and hitting a dead end with medical procedures .I explored the possibility of taking control of my own health issues. This opened my eyes to healing myself with lifestyle changes…It’s been an enlightening experience and one I never thought possible,and by getting some balance back I found other chronic illness  also improved.


I was skeptical of any natural processes to heal the body and mind and believed that I will have the problem tomorrow and for the rest of my life.

But when there were no more answers from the doctors and specialists and I was faced with prospective knee replacement I started making changes and found my body is capable healing given it the right tools.

This experience with osteoarthritis has led me down a long path. Unnecessarily long. So after my meeting with many sufferers and those with onset of osteoarthritis I wanted to help make those of you who wish to take their health and future into their own hands take a shorter journey to health freedom.

When I reveal to people I have suffered badly with arthritis and I explain how much difficulty I had walking, they tend to look at me in wide eyed disbelief and glance at my legs look me up and down.

It could be someone I have known for several years but we have never touched on the subject. As they had not know me before my health turnaround.

So,I wanted to offer a layman’s view of the disease that affects 1 in 3 adults in the West. One that's not too in-depth, complicated or technical. For the arthritis sufferer who wants to improve their life and take ownership of their arthritis.

If someone such as  myself can achieve a pain free life then so can you.

When we think of osteoarthritis we conjure up an image of elderly people hobbling around with sticks and walking frames, so why it is that arthritis in all forms is developing in younger and younger people.

Osteoarthritis-is triggered by a wear and tear, a progressive degeneration with this loss of cartilage and excess friction.The actual make up of the bone breaks down with a drying of the cartilage. Thickening of the bone leads to calcium being dumped in tissue and muscle creating stiffness and soreness. And calcification of the joints can occur.

But the initial trigger for this could be bad posture, poor diet,a strain injury, or as in my case a trauma to the body. As explained this cause d a shift in my posture causing the wear and tear.  The body will try to heal this thus the progression of osteoarthritis. Yet a body in balance should be able to cope with such issues.

My talks and workshops have recently suggested arthritis is a war between your immune system and an invader (excess inflammation). The immune system is a vital part of the bodies balance, and certainly if my bodily function had been in balance then it would have been able to cope with the damage a lot better .

Excessive chronic Inflammation ,shows up as swelling, redness,pain and heat. It is a sign your balance is out - your diet ,drug ,toxic intake is outweighing your bodies capability. If your suffering from excess inflammation your immune system is switched on: Boosting  your immune system can help calm excess inflammation . But there are other functions we have to pay attention to here.





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