Diet and Nutrition

All of the following elements outlined below have impacted my joint issues over the years.

Addressing all of these can be daunting at first, but with the right guidance and confidence in your self the results will naturally follow.

We start with the baby steps and what is personally possible is always viable.

    Your beliefs

"If you think you can do a thing or can't do a thing, you're right!"

Your environment & your balance   

By environment I mean what's inside and outside your body: From your blood pH to the chemicals in your home; from what you put on your skin, to your mental attitude and the food you choose to consume.

All of these will have an impact on the healthy balance that is vital for your body's wellbeing.

   Your diet

The most efficient route to changing the joint pain problem is eating by design.

By eating what we want rather than what we need does not help our health by any means.

When we are not eating appropriately, we become nutrient deficient, which leads to a whole host of issues - most crucially joint issues.

Your stomach health    

The stomach holds the roots of the tree that is your body's health and vitality.

Your leaves can only ever be as good as the soil your roots rise out of.

Your stomach, which is often referred to as your '2nd brain,' is the starting point for all your health improvements.

Your gut health ultimately determines your immune system and so you joint health.

   Your immune system

When your joints are inflamed, your immune system is switched on - the problem is that it's on high alert, which obviously isn't ideal.

Looking after your gut health impacts the immune response which calms the inflammation in the joints, thus reducing pain.

Cleansing your toxic load   

If you never cleaned your house - ever - it would obviously be in quite a state.

The world has changed over the last 70 years: Chemicals, pesticides, heavy metals, pharmaceutical drugs are in our food and water system, eventually ending up in our bodies.

It is vital to remove some of this build up as it all likes to gather in the weakest part of the body: the joints.

   Exercise and movement

Sitting is the new smoking!

Your joints have to have some exercise - however this might be possible.

Even a 10 minute walk is better than no walk at all. But simply start with what works for you and you can build up from there.

Yoga, swimming and cycling are all great activities for supporting joint flexibility.

- Quick house tips -

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