Arthritis can be a daunting, overwhelming and disempowering disease...

Or so I believed when I  was severely affected by arthritis chronic symptoms.

I use the term 'believed' loosely because my view and the view of this site is  very different from believing that ‘you just a have to live with it.’ 

I and others have stopped its progression and even reversed arthritis. It’s not necessary to live a life of pain with this. But it begins with the reader having a belief that the outcome can be and will be positive for them. 

Hopefully, our book and the growing information here will help you with the first steps to ‘Taking ownership of your arthritis.’

Why have I got joint pain and arthritis?


Osteoarthritis can form in our body at any time after the age of 25/26(excluding Juvenile arthritis). Generally accepted as a result of wear and tear. However, this isn’t the whole story by any means.

 While initially triggered by a trauma in the body, which is usually, but not always physical... An injury, overuse of a joint, bodily alignment or a major emotional trauma can bring on the onset of Osteoarthritis(OA).

But, many have the problem in other parts of the body as well. So does it spread? 

Enjoying the acidic environment we in the west seem to create in our body, we can become debilitated, with OA spreading from joint to joint...  So not entirely wear and tear then.

The alarming rise in arthritis figures in the west corresponds with our general decline in wellbeing; our convenient lifestyle comes at a cost.

The perfect storm of a poor diet, weak immune system, and chronic inflammation, imbalanced gut microbiome, high toxicity levels, sedentary lifestyles, and poor quality of sleep. Is just the right home for your modern day arthritis. Along with other illness.

To put this and more into a form you can understand and follow I’m creating a protocol. A step by step program you can follow at your own pace.

But, how can I relieve myself of this burden of joint pain?


It’s all about resetting that test tube-your body, once the balance is restored you can be on the road to repair.

We’re not forcing the body to do anything. Just letting it do what it’s designed to do.  The trouble is we get in the way of this!

If you’re in pain or have joint issues you may have been given NSAI’s (Anti-inflammatory drugs) or Painkillers. These are only a short term sticking plaster and not a solution at all and indeed used long term can cause damage to the gut lining.

We need to reset the body and Mind.

By believing firstly that this can be overcome. ( I encourage you to read my Journey. It’s here to inspire you.)

Looking at your lifestyle choices. Working on your gut microbiome. Improving your immune system. Easing inflammation. And looking at your daily activity. Also reducing your toxic intake.

To do this you have to be prepared to change those habits (little by little) that have lead you unwittingly down this road.

Those lifestyle choices that have stopped your body doing what it does so well.The natural process of healing you.

We need to create homeostasis again.

Food and diet

‘There is no person who is in good nutritional health that develops Osteo arthritis.’ – Patrick Holford.

The quickest way to make a change is to look at your foods.

Here you can see some real improvements in a relatively short time.

Although I recommend you follow a whole lifestyle reboot, the foods we consume are a big part of this and can be the devil or the making of you.

You are made of the food you eat.

Want to learn more?

If you need help getting on track with your joint pain, book a phone conversation with David via Skype, Whatsapp or a medium of your choice.

Alternatively, you can book David to come to your home for the day to revamp your kitchen to help support your joint recovery, or even take you shopping!

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